Grooming Services

Meeting All of Your Dog's Needs

I offer  professional services that suit your dog's every need.


I use natural grooming products which are kind to your dog. These include:

Special Black Shampoo

for black, silver and brindle dogs to enhance the shine and condition of the coat

White Shampoo

for white, spotted and blenheim dogs to revive the natural colour

Golden Caramel Shampoo

enhances the colour naturally  and brings out shine on brown, copper, apricot & brindle dog coats

Hypo-allergenic Shampoo

which is gentle for puppies, dogs with sensitive skin and face washing

Deep Clean Super Concentrated Shampoo

for dogs who love getting really dirty and smelly!

A Special Fox Shampoo

to eliminate nasty smells and stains from your dog's coat when it rolls in something unpleasant!

Satin Conditioning Balm

Leaves the coat in a soft, silky and manageable condition, with a subtle floral scent



Includes health check, pre- bath groom, nail clipping, ear cleaning, bath, dry & styling.


For in between full grooming sessions or when your dog just needs a freshen up.


Emergency treatment for when your fury friend rolls in something unpleasant! 

PUPPY GROOMING (3 to 6 months)

To help introduce your puppy to the grooming salon and gain confidence with the grooming process.  We offer a bath, brush and dry. Foot and facial trimming. Nail clipping and ear cleaning.


For owners who  want their dog to retain their natural coat texture.


This is not included in our normal grooming charges. If a dog is badly matted this will be discussed when the dog arrives at the salon and depending on how much extra work is required additional charges may apply.

De-matting is not recommended for sick, old or aggressive dogs.

If a dog is severely matted it may be advisable to shave the coat off



A calm, relaxing  and stress free environment

Our Salon


Feedback & Reviews

I’m not happy until my clients are happy, and say so. That’s why I love receiving their feedback. I want to better understand my customers’ experiences of working with me, so that I can improve my services the next time around. Take a look below at what my former clients have to say about their Amazing Paws experiences.


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